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Applications and Reports Developer, ICS-10, P-3, Management Information Services ( MIS)
Employeur: UNFPA
Pays: USA
Ville: New York


The Applications and Reports Developer is located in the MIS Branch of the Division of Management Services. He/she works under the supervision of the Applications Development Manager.

Main Tasks & Responsibilties

The Applications and Reports Developer will be responsible for development of interactive web based applications and analytical reports. The incumbent’s specific duties and responsibilities include the following:

• Liaise with functional owners and end-users to understand and collect web applications development requirements. Analyze requirements and prepare functional and technical requirements documents. Based on the requirements documents generate a plan to include design, development, test and deployment methodologies.
• Design and develop web applications for UNFPA’s Intranet sites mainly using ColdFusion programming language. The incumbent will also be required to develop functions using Java (J2EE, J2SE, JSP), AJAX, JavaSCript, HTML, PERL and other CGI-BIN languages. STRUTS Framework will be used to do the development work. All the applications will interface with UNFPA’s database platforms (Informix and MySQL) running on Sun Solaris. Responsibilities also include design and development of database schemas as well as SQL queries. The applications will also interface with LDAP based corporate directory for application security (authentication and authorization).
• Design and develop web-based reports and queries for PeopleSoft Financial, HRMS and other non-PeopleSoft applications using SQL, Cold Fusion, HTML, Java, Java Servlets, JavaScript, PERL and other CGI-BIN languages.
• Design and develop databases to store PeopleSoft data in UNFPA’s Informix based database system. Develop scripts to extract data from PeopleSoft, perform transformation of this data and load it in UNFPA database.
• Liaise with end-users to understand and collect report development requirements. Analyze the requirements and prepare project documents, development


DateTitre-JobEntreprisePays/VilleCatégorieOffre / RechercheLu
02.06.2010Director Commercial, responsible for developing and implementing the measures derived from the commercial strategy of the airline.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre6526
17.05.2010Web Applications Developer, ICS-10, P-3, Management Information Services. Job N°:1587UNFPANew York(USA)Informatique / Technologie de l`informationOffre7098
17.05.2010Applications and Reports Developer, ICS-10, P-3, Management Information Services ( MIS)UNFPANew York(USA)Informatique / Technologie de l`informationOffre32394
06.05.2010HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER - CameroonFNE - PARICYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Pétrochimie /PlasturgieOffre16710
04.05.2010Offres de stages académiquesLes Brasseries du CamerounDOUALA(Cameroun)Alimentation / AgroalimentaireOffre18029
04.05.2010Webmaster EditorialLes Brasseries du CamerounDOUALA(Cameroun)Informatique / Technologie de l`informationOffre9345
01.05.2010Consultant-e bénévole (H/M)CASA-NETYAOUNDE(Cameroun)GestionOffre6722
03.04.2010Responsable des ventesParisVOIPParis(Cameroun)Commerce/ Distribution / Vente au détailOffre1578
20.07.2009Recherchons : Ingénieur de maintenance (Génie Industriel, Arts et Métiers, Electromécanique).Brasseries du CamerounDOUALA(Cameroun)IngénieurOffre9010
20.07.2009Recherchons : Ingénieur Brasseur, à la limite Ingénieur d`industrie agro-alimentaireBrasseries du CamerounDOUALA(Cameroun)IngénieurOffre8860

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