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Manager Corporate Security
Employeur: Camair co
Pays: Cameroun
Responsable: Lufthansa Consulting


Our client, the Government of Cameroon, is establishing a new airline with national, regional as well as international destinations. Lufthansa Consulting has been commissioned to support the management team in starting operations in the second quarter of 2011.

The Manager Corporate Security is responsible for identifying, effectively mitigating and managing any developments that may threaten the resilience and sustainable survival of the new airline. The manager promotes and supervises measures so that all appropriate personnel are familiar and comply with the relevant requirements of the National Security Program of the State of Cameroon.


DateTitre-JobEntreprisePays/VilleCatégorieOffre / RechercheLu
02.06.2010Manager Corporate SecurityCamair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre11944
02.06.2010Director General Procurement,responsible of the sourcing of goods and services.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre12020
02.06.2010Director Maintenance and Engineering (Post Holder) has the overall responsibility for the airworthiness of the airline’s aircraft.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre12212
02.06.2010Director Ground Operations, responsible for the entire ground operations at the home base and the outstations.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre11708
02.06.2010Manager Quality Management and Flight Safety, reports directly to the Chief Operations Officer of the airline.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre11764
02.06.2010Directeur Opérations Aériennes & Formation, responsable de la gestion de la flotte.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre11874
02.06.2010Director Flight Operations and Training, responsible for the safe, efficient and economically feasible flight operations of the airline. The Director is the Post Holder as required by EASA regulationsCamair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre10052
02.06.2010Manager Qualité, responsable pour le développement et la mise en place d’un système TQM (Total Quality Management) au niveau du groupe.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre9851
02.06.2010Manager Corporate Quality Management, responsible for the development and corporate-wide implementation of a Total Quality Management (TQM) system.Camair co(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre9913
02.06.2010Directeur Commercial, responsable pour le développement et la mise en place des mesures découlant de la stratégie commerciale de la compagnie aérienne et est directement rattaché au CCO, actuellement.Camair coYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre9939

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