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Two students or two engineers (M / F) in food or agro-industry.
Pays: Cameroun
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In the scope of its non-profit activities in the agro-food sector in Cameroon, the Citizen Service Corps e.V. would like to strength its team by recruiting external expertise, it is in search of:

Two students or two engineers (M / F) in food or agro-industry.


As head or assistant of the project director of the current project food Cameroun2014, you will be expected to:

- Assist the project director in supervision of the agro-food activities of the NGO, in particular: the development, coordination, management and the implementation of agro-food activities in rural communities in Cameroon

- Supervise and follow up the activities of food production within the peasant population

- Submit a planning of activities, as well as a quarterly and seasonal report based on the results to the project director

- Present a forecast and financial monitoring report to the project director

- Undertake other tasks necessary for the smooth operation of the project in closely collaboration with other project staff members based in Germany and Cameroon

- Coordinate the working sessions in collaboration with the project director


- Motivation to work in rural areas and strong communication skills

- Organizational Capabilities: team leadership, work management independently, initiative taking, strong delegation and planning skills, and excellent strategic agility

- Have strong motivation and persuasion skills

- Have excellent IT and presentation skills

- Have a good mastery of German, French and/or English (oral and written)

- Ability to work in a multicultural environment and team player
- Be ready to sacrifice
at least 5 hours of his/her time per month for the activities of the NGO.

- Have a 100% dedication to non-profit development activities in the direction of Cameroon

- A weakness for technology transfer from Germany to Cameroon

Education: Engineer in Food and Agricultural Technology, or second year undergraduate/ graduate student in the said field

The position is available immediately and is a part-time job of about 5 hours per month.

Interested candidates may send their cv in word or pdf to:

Application Deadline: 10 juin 2013.


DateTitre-JobEntreprisePays/VilleCatégorieOffre / RechercheLu
10.11.2016OFFRE D´EMPLOI : Secrétaire , Chef de publicité, Comptable, GraphisteDOUALA(Cameroun)Communications et médiasOffre10813
10.11.2016OFFRE D´EMPLOI : Directrice clientèle expatriéeDOUALA(Cameroun)Commerce/ Distribution / Vente au détailOffre9751
30.10.2013Consultants recherchés chez L`ONG SNV-Cameroun(Cameroun)Associations / SyndicatsOffre16468
30.10.2013Postes vacants chez CAMAIR COYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre17128
11.05.2013Deux étudiant (es) ou deux ingénieurs (H/F) en agro-alimentaire ou agro-industrie.0(Cameroun)Agricole / Animal / PêcherieOffre9938
11.05.2013Two students or two engineers (M / F) in food or agro-industry.0(Cameroun)Alimentation / AgroalimentaireOffre8610
24.03.201301 Directeur GénéralDOUALA(Cameroun)Aérospatiale / AéronautiqueOffre9438
24.03.201301 Responsable Logistique en charge du parc automobileDOUALA(Cameroun)AutomobileOffre8139
24.03.201301 Directeur de productionYAOUNDE(Cameroun)Alimentation / AgroalimentaireOffre7794
24.03.2013Assistante Comptable - FemmeDOUALA(Cameroun)ComptabilitéOffre7564

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